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Bens Car Blog

Bens Car Blog


After graduating in 2014 and moving to Minnesota, I made a number of friends in local car clubs. Thanks to the awesome communities there, I found myself attending more events, meets, and just spending more time around cars. As it was such a big part of my life, I found myself wanting to share my experiences with others and decided to start a new blog dedicated solely to my hobby.

Ben's Car Blog was originally launched as a subdomain of A few months and articles later, I finally had the time to dedicate to designing a new, separate site for my car content.

Rather than copy an existing theme, I decided to take the time and create a new design from scratch, building off of my own custom flexbox-based framework.

I spent a few weeks researching car blogs, and took a lot of my inspiration from sites like and As it turns out, there just aren't that many other folks running their own car blogs!

Overall, I had a lot of fun designing the site. Thanks to Jekyll, creating new content and expanding the site is super easy.

This is by far my most active project, and I try to put out new content every few weeks. The blog has become an outlet for me creatively - allowing me to hone my UX/UI skills, CSS, writing, photography, and much more.


  • Design a responsive, minimalist layout from scratch
  • Utilize high quality photos to enhance content
  • Create a documented history of my cars
  • Generate a journal-like repository of mods, maintenance, and experiences for my cars
  • Build a supporting Instagram account


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